Works that Caught Our Eye at
EXPO Chicago 2018

(Top left) Richard Hull, Moth, 2017. Monotype. 36” x 24”, Photo courtesy of Manneken Press. Seen at Mannekan Press booth.


(Top right) Seulgi Lee, U: If your tail is long, it would be trampled upon, 2016. Korean silk, collaboration with Korean Nubi quilter of Tong-Yeong, 195 x 155 x 1cm. Seen at Gallery Hyundai booth.


(Left) Jong Oh, Line Sculpture, 2017, string, paint, metal bars, 38x16x16”. Image courtesy of Marc Straus Gallery. Seen at Marc Straus Gallery booth.














(Lower Left) Andrea Galvani, Study on Amplituhedron, 2017-2018. 6500K neon, cobalt blue blown glass, 210 x 255 x 8 cm / 82.7 x 100.4 x 3.1 inches. © Andrea Galvani. Image courtesy of the artist. Seen at Eduardo Secci Contemporary booth.


(Lower right Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt,

Fragments from Holly Solomon's Bedroom Set, 1988. Mixed-media, 88 x 88 x 1/2 inches. Image courtesy of the artist and Pavel Zoubok Fine Art. Seen at Pavel Zoubok Fine Art boot

(Upper left) Aida Muluneh, The American Dream, 2017, archival digital photography, 31.5 x 31.5 inches. Image courtesy of Jenkins Johnson Gallery. Seen at Jenkins Johnson Gallery booth.


(Upper right) Bisa Butler, Les Sapeurs, 2018. Cotton and silk, 42 x 60 inches. Image courtesy of Claire Oliver Gallery. Seen at Claire Oliver Gallery booth.


(Left) Robert Polidori, Michel Anguier by Jacques d'Agar, 1675 Salle la surintendance de Colbert, Salles du XVII, Aile du Nord – R.d.C, Château de Versailles, 1984. Color coupler print, 60 × 50 inches. ©Robert Polidori. Image courtesy Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York. Seen at Edwynn Houk Gallery booth.

(Left) Abelardo Morell, Camera Obscura: View of Hotel de Ville, Paris, 2015. Archival pigment print, 45 × 60 inches. Image © Abelardo Morell/Courtesy of Edwynn Houk Gallery, New York. Seen at Edwynn Houk Gallery booth.


(Right) Hank Willis Thomas, The Clown, 2018. Mixed media including sport jersey, 200 x 162.5 cm / 79 x 64 in. Image courtesy of Maruani Mercier Gallery. Seen at Maruani Mercier Gallery booth.


Ajarb Bernard Ategwa, Sweet Dreams #2, 2018. Acrylic on canvas in two parts, 239.5 x 299 cm (94 x 118 in) and 239.5 x 199.5 cm (94 x 117 in), overall, 239.5 x 498.5 cm (94 x 196 in). Photo by Matthias Kolb, courtesy Peres Projects, Berlin. Seen at Peres Projects booth.



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